All PL registration is done via Frontline .

All professional learning activities listed on Frontline will be open for registration approximately 4 weeks prior to the date of the workshop. The deadline date will always be eight (7) days prior to the event.  All PEOT members should receive an email via the PDSB email once the activity has been listed with Frontline. To log on to ‘Frontline’ you need to use your PDSB email as the user I.D. and your PDSB employee number as your password. Please check the dates of the workshop to know when you can register. After registering on Frontline, the registrant must send a $25 registration cheque to the PEOT office prior to the deadline date in order to complete the registration process. Once our office has your registration cheque, you will not need to concern yourself with this half of the registration for the remainder of the school year. Please note, that if you are absent from an event you are fully registered for, or attempt to drop the event after the deadline date, your $25 cheque will be cashed. You will then need to provide a new registration cheque for the next event you sign up for (Please do not fill the date in on the cheque)