EFAP – Homewood Health

Members and their families have access to the PDSB’s Employee and Family Assistance Program and can contact Homewood Health via the internet or phone.  For more (more…)

EQAO Testing

Members are advised not to complete the EQAO teacher questionnaire. The completion of the EQAO teacher questionnaire is now voluntary for all teachers, including those (more…)

Covid-19 FAQ #2 2021-2022

In this COVID-19 FAQ, you will find information on: vaccination requirements at work;health and safety; reporting; remote learning; and pandemic recovery. Click on the link (more…)

Ministry Funded MATH AQ Subsidy

The Ministry of Education announced the implementation of $4 million in funding to subsidize additional qualification (AQ) courses. Teachers who successfully complete or have completed (more…)

Use of Social Media

ETFO recommends caution in the use of social media. ETFO advises members to consider the following points. Communicating with individuals through social networking sites tends (more…)

Covid-19 FAQ #1 for 2021-2022

In this year’s first COVID-19 FAQ, you will find information on: ventilation; personalprotective equipment (PPE); work refusals; and COVID-19 testing. Click on the file below (more…)

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