ETFO Central Strike Vote

ETFO will be holding a strike vote meeting for central bargaining items.  PEOT members need to be active on our database, that means you must (more…)

EFAP – Homewood Health

Members and their families have access to the PDSB’s Employee and Family Assistance Program and can contact Homewood Health via the internet or phone.  For more (more…)

EQAO Testing

Members are advised not to complete the EQAO teacher questionnaire. The completion of the EQAO teacher questionnaire is now voluntary for all teachers, including those (more…)

ETFO CB Bulletin #15

Bulletin 15 provides further clarification on ETFO Phase 3 Strike Protocol and contains FAQ about Phase 4 Strike Protocol. It answers questions about picketing, strike (more…)

Peel Teachers/OTs FAQs

The information in the files below are related to ETFO Central Bargaining and relevant to all ETFO members including permanent contract teachers, LTOs and Daily (more…)

Inclement Weather and Picketing

CLICK HERE for details

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