Members must make every reasonable effort to get to their shift or a later shift for picket duties. If you arrive late due to inclement weather that will be taken into consideration.

If the weather is extreme and you can only safely drive to a picket location in Peel that is closer to your home, this would be acceptable You will need to register with the picket captain to ensure you are on a list.

If a member is not able to make their shift due to safety-related issues, the member must contact the local today (i.e., the day of the inclement weather) by phone to advise them of their particulars. A decision will be made before strike pay lists are reconciled on whether they would be eligible to be paid.

-Strike days are not cancelled or rescheduled.
-Traveling safely means you take the necessary precautions you would if you were expected to go to work.
-Picketing must be done at locations in Peel, even if the member lives in another board.

Inclement Weather and Picketing

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