1. How do I contact the PEOT office?

Visit us at: 5805 Whittle Road, Unit# 103, Mississauga ON L4Z 2J1

Phone us: 1-877-877-9937, (905) 568-9937

Fax us: (905) 568-1627

E-mail us: info@peot.ca

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2. When does the PAM system start calling?

The system calls out each evening (except Saturdays) between 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. and each morning (except Saturdays and Sundays) after 6:00 a.m.You may call into the system or check the webcentre 24 hours a day, seven days a week to see if there are jobs available for you to accept.

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3. In what order does PAM call out to OTs?

If a teacher requests an OT and inputs the OT’s employee number the PAM system will try three times to contact that OT before making the job available to others.
If no particular OT is requested the PAM system will first call out to any one on the “Preferred List” (i.e. a newly hired OT assigned to that school for evaluation), then it calls out to OTs on the “Priority List” for that school. If the job is still not accepted it goes to the “General List” of OTs who have indicated they are willing to teach at that school and who are qualified to teacher the particular grade and/or subject (i.e. library, ESL, Special Education, etc.). After that, PAM will call out to OTs who are willing to teach in the school but not qualified for the particular subject. Please note that not all schools have a “Priority List”.

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4. How do I get on the Priority List?

Working at the same school several times will often result in a principal asking an OT to allow his/her name to be added to the school’s Priority List.>
If you are interested on being on a particular school’s list you may ask the principal or secretary.

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5. What is the current rate of pay?

The current rate of pay is $235.22, and is based on the teacher’s A1 zero year’s experience grid rate. Take the A1 zero rate and divide by 194 for your daily rate.

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6. What is the salary grid for teachers?

Elementary Teacher Salary Grid as at September 2017

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7. When and how do I get benefits?

OTs who are doing daily work are not eligible for PDSB paid benefits but may wish to join the Board plan and pay the premiums themselves. Contact the PDSB’s Benefits Dept. for information.
OTs who are in an LTO which is known to be longer than 58 teaching days are eligible for enrollment into ETFO’s Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) through OTIP.  The Board will send your LTO information to OTIP who will in turn send you an email with your enrollment information.  All questions should be directed to either OTIP at 1-866- 783-6847 or ETFO ELHT support at 416-962-3836.  Daily OTs are not eligible for enrollment in the ELHT.

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8. What happens if my job changes when I arrive at the school?

The job that you accepted through the PAM system – for a particular teacher, grade or subject – is your job and you have the job number to prove it. What happens if you are told when you get to the school that your job has changed depends on many factors. If you are comfortable with the new assignment and wish to do it you may go ahead. However, if you feel uncomfortable or for any reason do not wish to do the new assignment you do not have to do it. Speak to the principal, explain why you do not wish to take the new assignment – for example, you may be unprepared for an assignment that means you will spend much of the day outside – and ask that the original job be reassigned to you. If you and the principal cannot work something out you may leave the school without working, but in that case you will not be paid for the day. You may, of course, phone into the PAM Help Desk and see if there is another job in a nearby school that you can accept.

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9. What do I do if my planning time is removed?

The only time that a principal should be removing your planning time is when there is an insufficient number of OTs in the school to cover the number of teachers absent. In that case a principal may ask you to give up a planning time or part of a planning time to assist the other teachers in the school in covering a class.
If a planning time is removed for any other reason you should discuss it with the principal and point out that according to our current Collective Agreement planning time is not to be removed. If the principal insists, then do what you have been asked to do under protest and call the PEOT Local immediately.

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10. What should I be doing on my planning time?

When you have a planning time during the day, it is not a break but a time for you to do the work that the classroom teacher would have done. If they ask you to mark, you mark. If they ask you to prepare something, you prepare. You are there to ensure that the curriculum of the teacher you are replacing continues. You do not leave the school no matter when the planning time is. If the request in the planning time seems ‘odd’ (covering another class) double check other day plans to see if the instructions are consistent with the previous week. Otherwise, you do go against your Collective Agreement.

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11. How do I get a QECO rating?

Call or email QECO (see Important links on our web). You have 5 months from the beginning of an LTO to have your QECO rating upgraded in order to receive retroactive pay.

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12. When are my OCT fees due?

OCT fees are due January 1st of each year. The fees must be paid by April 15th each year or your certificate to teach will be suspended and it will cost you extra money to be reinstated.

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14. What do I do if contacted by the Children’s Aid Society or the Police?

If you are asked to speak to the CAS about an incident you should state that you are willing to co-operate but you are not able to meet or to give a statement until you have had a chance to consult with your union. You should contact your Local office or the Professional Relations Services at ETFO immediately. PRS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week 1 -888-838-3836.

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15. What do I do if the principal wants me to meet with parents that is not interview related?

You need to say that you are willing to co-operate but that you need to contact your union first. Telephone your Local office immediately and arrange a convenient time for you to meet with the principal, the parents and your union representative present.

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16. What about mandatory retirement?

The bill on ending mandatory retirement has received royal assent, which means that retiring at 65 years of age is no longer mandatory (Bill 211). The legislation does not take effect until December 12, 2006. Note, the law does not prevent employers from discontinuing access to benefits at age 65.

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17. What is Sabrina’s Law?

Sabrina’s Law was initiated from the death of a child, named Sabrina, who died from an anaphylactic reaction. The government has now mandated every Board to provide training to every employee in contact with children. This law came into effect January 1, 2006.

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18. What is the difference between a Criminal Record Check and an Offence Declaration?

A Criminal Record Check contains an individual’s personal criminal history and is prepared by police using national data from the Canadian Police Information Centre.
An Offence Declaration is a written declaration signed by an employee listing all of the individuals convictions for offences under the Criminal Code, Canada, up to the date of the declaration. Offence Declarations are required on an annual basis and every time an employee transfers from one location to another
If you have any questions about this process, please contact

Janet Stretton,
Criminal Record Check Assistant, at 905 890 1010, extension 2488 or


Cruickshank, Employee Relations Officer, Criminal Record Checks, Professional

Certification, extension 2408.

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20. How do I apply for EI?

In the summer and during the breaks you can apply for EI online.  The Board automatically forwards your Record of Employment (ROE) to Service Canada.  You can also request a hard copy for yourself.  Your EI claim remains open for 18 months.  There is usually a code for occasional teachers to use.  This can be found on the Board’s broadcast page and on the PEOT’s homepage late in June.  There is a code for the summer and others for Christmas and March Break.   EI has been denying those on long terms claims.  Please read the attached link to understand their thinking.  You will need your employee number and your postal code to access the document.
Click here EI Handout

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If you have further questions you believe should be posted on the website please email us at info@peot.ca

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