Mentorship Program Questionnaire

PEOT’s new Mentorship Program for 2017-2018 will connect you with Administrators as you continue your journey of learning.  Fill out the questionnaire and email it (more…)

PDSB’s Side by Side or NTIP

Q: What is NTIP (New Teacher Induction Program)? A: As mandated by the Ministry of Education, “all new teachers, regardless of experience, must receive an (more…)

OTF Professional Learning

OTF Professional Learning Thousands of teachers use the OTF PD Calendar to assist with planning their personal professional learning. The calendar tracks subject association conferences, AQ (more…)

Professional Learning Funding

Your Local believes in Professional Learning and encourages teachers to continually upgrade themselves. In order to help you with this task, we provide funding to our (more…)

Upcoming Professional Learning

All PL registration is done via the MyLearningPlan website . All professional learning activities listed on MyLearningPlan will be open for registration approximately 4 weeks prior to (more…)

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